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Civilisation beaten in a brawl between left and right


With friends like the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who needs enemies? The proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra has died in the trench warfare between the post-modern left and the new right. According to The Australian this week, the ANU’s incoming history department head, Professor Frank

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Eric Metaxas on Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World

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Eric Metaxas, author of Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World (Viking) greets me over the phone with “Yiasou Patritha” (health to your homeland). We Greeks carry ‘homeland’ on our shoulders. The New York based writer of Greek German background says, “I loved your An Atheist in Greek Easter,” about an old piece I sent him

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Meeting the Greens on the edge of the hipster divide

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Tomorrow, voters in the Melbourne federal electorate of Batman go the polls with Greens’ candidate Alex Bhathal squared off against the ALP’s Ged Kearney in what has been an intense and unpredictable campaign. The 66 square kilometre seat in the city’s northern suburbs has always been a Labor stronghold. Migrants and the children of migrants, such as writer Fotis

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Music from Cretans: George Xylouris and Jim White (via The Dirty Three, Fugazi and Nick Cave)

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George Xylouris and Jim White (pictured above) are one of the most exciting musical collaborations right now. Their new album Mother is not for the fragile. The alternative rock and Cretan music meld is blood and bones, earth and sea, literature and poetry, war and love; it is Crete. One needs to understand the Cretans

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Islamic Council director says 40 per cent of Muslim Australians said yes to marriage equality

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It seems that a sizable proportion of Australia’s non-Anglo Celtic communities in key Labor electorates voted ‘No’ in the Marriage Equality survey. As did many traditional Australians living in these electorates. Now a perilous narrative is arising that Muslim Australians were all opposed to Marriage Equality. Nail Aykan, the executive director of the Islamic Council

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Nick Tsiavos takes his post-immigrant magic home

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Nick Tsiavos is a mysterious musician. He creates new mysteries, built from the divine and the secular. And he does extraordinary things with a contrabass. He has been described as “an architect of sound” and his music as “otherworldly avant-garde” and “spacious, mysterious, edgy and beautiful“. His music is a link between a brooding Byzantium, an alchemic Medieval Europe,

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