One Infinity review (Melbourne Festival)

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In terms of possibilities, the title One Infinity appears limitless. And in truth, this enigmatic, meditative work is both particular and – well – eternal. The Merlyn at Melbourne’s Malthouse seems transformed. It’s become a vast cathedral lit by massive shafts of light, cutting at the highest points through the darkness – then dissolving into soft, shadowy

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Fire Gardens review (Melbourne Festival)

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Once again, I’m coming at you LIVE from a shrubbery somewhere in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, which are seeing a lot of after-hours activity this week. In fact, if there’s a hub at this years festival it’s here, where Lexicon now sits cheek-by-jowl with this: Fire Gardens, from Compagnie Carabosse, a French group who’ve been

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Lexicon circus review (Melbourne Festival)

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By Fiona Blair with Lorenzo Palazzolo Infused with all the qualities of a waking dream, Lexicon by NoFit State is, by turns, breathtaking and exhilarating; a complete delight. I’ve borrowed an eleven year old (Lorenzo) for this occasion, and, thanks to a massive miscalculation in the expeditionary planning that had gone into our day thus

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Blasted (Malthouse, Melbourne)

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In 1995, the premiere of 23 year old Sarah Kane’s play Blasted unified the critics. To a man (sic), they were appalled. Their vitriol was unleashed, unhinged, even. The Daily Mail smeared: ‘A Disgusting Feast Of Filth’ across the fish’n’chip wrappings of the morrow; The Telegraph opined ‘devoid of intellectual and artistic merit’. Fellow writers defended

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