Song for a Weary Throat (Melbourne Festival)

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I wasn’t sure whether to write about Song For a Weary Throat or not, since the show I saw was the final performance of its Melbourne Festival season, And if, somehow, you hadn’t read about this piece devised and performed by The Rawcus Ensemble and Invenio Singers, (unlikely, since it won rave reviews and a couple of Green

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One Infinity review (Melbourne Festival)

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In terms of possibilities, the title One Infinity appears limitless. And in truth, this enigmatic, meditative work is both particular and – well – eternal. The Merlyn at Melbourne’s Malthouse seems transformed. It’s become a vast cathedral lit by massive shafts of light, cutting at the highest points through the darkness – then dissolving into soft, shadowy

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Fire Gardens review (Melbourne Festival)

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Once again, I’m coming at you LIVE from a shrubbery somewhere in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, which are seeing a lot of after-hours activity this week. In fact, if there’s a hub at this years festival it’s here, where Lexicon now sits cheek-by-jowl with this: Fire Gardens, from Compagnie Carabosse, a French group who’ve been

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Lexicon circus review (Melbourne Festival)

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By Fiona Blair with Lorenzo Palazzolo Infused with all the qualities of a waking dream, Lexicon by NoFit State is, by turns, breathtaking and exhilarating; a complete delight. I’ve borrowed an eleven year old (Lorenzo) for this occasion, and, thanks to a massive miscalculation in the expeditionary planning that had gone into our day thus

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