Art consumption: the billion dollar industry (but mostly for architects and builders)

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As we begin to reflect on the discussions that Future/Forward has opened up about a contemporary arts sector that’s ambitious and fair, across Australia unprecedented billions of dollars are being committed to the contemporary arts – to bricks and mortar, that is, and not to artists themselves. $244 million from the NSW Government towards a

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A Lord Mayor for the Arts?


Local government elections aren’t normally of national significance. When it’s a capital city mayoral election, however, all of Australia takes notice. Lord Mayors lead programs, budgets and square kilometres that encompass their state’s major public spaces, galleries, museums, festivals and performing arts centres, as well as the sites of their major events. Artists of national

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Have your say before the political class takes it away


Last July, non-profit environmental organisations received a letter from the Australian Government which The Guardian’s Lenore Taylor characterised as having “ominous implications”. It asked them, for the first time, to curtail their commitment to promoting the public good by rethinking the time and resources they devote to public advocacy. A few days later, Peter Dutton was

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Rare news: Australian politicians admit their love and respect of the arts

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The arts and the political world exist largely in isolation from one another in Australia. Artists and politicians don’t tend to meet regularly, or respond to one another’s work, or rely on each other’s perspective, or call on one another’s advice. Why is that? Yes, both are incredibly busy and incredibly determined. Both can get

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A call for advocacy for the arts reveals gamechanging approaches

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This week the Myer Foundation, the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Keir Foundation announced what is called “A New Approach” following their call in December 2016 to provide $1.65 million to establish a lobby group, of sorts, to “defend and promote the benefit of intellectual and creative life”. According to the Myer Foundation, the three

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