Bursting our Bubble – Roger Stone, darling of the alt-right, on the Trump Revolution

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How do you burst the bubble? Blindsided by Donald Trump’s surprise election victory in November, liberals and progressives the world over are berating themselves with this question. How did “the smartest people in the room”, as long time Trump friend and advisor Roger Stone smugly observes, fail to see this coming? Looking for answers, many

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The on-screen pain and humiliation of Anthony Weiner

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Americans are, by now, fairly accustomed to the regular sex scandals that plague their elected representatives. Republicans and Democrats alike have implicated themselves in controversies of varying degrees – from Bill Clinton’s famous declaration that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman” to Republican Governor Mark Sanford’s mysterious weeklong sojourn in Argentina with

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Saving Antarctica, the last continent

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Midge Raymond, the author of the novel My Last Continent (Text Publishing) and publisher of Ashland Creek Press, which focuses on literature about the environment and animal protection recently wrote for Daily Review‘s Sunday Read questioning how long its relatively undisturbed peace can last given our newly precarious political climate. This week, University of Melbourne Phd

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