Amy Schumer Does Edward Albee, Courtesy of Steve Martin

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Remember how, in Edward Albee’s comedy-drama Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Martha and George play “Get the Guest” when Nick and Honey arrive? Steve Martin, jubilantly sly as ever, has written an 80-minute response: Meteor Shower. It’s 1993. Corky (Amy Schumer) and Norm (Jeremy Shamos) have invited Laura (Laura Benanti) and Gerald (Keegan-Michael Key) to

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Donald Trump as Julius Caesar? Not quite

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A new production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has just opened in New York and its depiction of the Roman warrior as a Donald Trump-alike has caused instant controversy with some sponsors withdrawing support from its producer, The Public Theater. Some feared  the production could be seen as advocating the assassination of Trump by his own Brutus and Cassius – though there’s no sign from

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