Come From Away musical review (Comedy Theatre, Melbourne)

Come From Away 2
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It’s undoubtedly a remarkable story. In the immediate wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the entire United States airspace was shut down. Almost 7,000 passengers on 38 planes were diverted to the remote town of Gander in Newfoundland, Canada. Locals spent the following week hosting the “come from aways” and something of an impromptu

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Shakespeare in Love theatre review (Playhouse, Melbourne)

Shakespeare in Love feature2
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Towards the end of Shakespeare in Love, Melbourne Theatre Company’s major 2019 production, the play returns to an image of Shakespeare sitting and writing at his desk, illuminated by candlelight. The moment jolts: for much of its running time, this is a portrait of writing that’s social and highly energetic. It’s also a portrait of

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Nine stand-outs from the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival program

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Monrovia, Indiana Frederick Wiseman returns to MIFF with this portrait of one small town deep inside America. A festival stalwart, Wiseman is keenly aware of the power of editing to create meaning. His observational documentaries gradually but powerfully nudge us to find meaning in juxtaposition, to extremely compelling effect. Words and Silk: the Imaginary and Real

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Film review: The Reports on Sarah & Saleem tracks the fallout of an affair in a divided Jerusalem

Reports on Sarah and Saleem
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Palestinian director Muayad Alayan’s stressful second feature, The Reports on Sarah & Saleem, establishes its central conceit instantly. The film opens on a man counting money and doing paperwork at his small kitchen table. Before we know it there’s a forceful knock at the door and he’s being violently arrested by Israeli security forces. We

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When one art form tumbles into another: Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz on English Baroque with Circa


The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and Circa’s third collaboration, English Baroque with Circa, opens the Canberra International Music Festival tonight before visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Anders Furze talks to artistic directors Paul Dyer and Yaron Lifschitz. Recently, Paul Dyer, the irrepressible artistic director and co-founder of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, found himself hanging upside down on a trapeze. “There I

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