Midsumma Review: The Legend of Queen Kong

Queen Kong
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This show crashes into Melbourne for Midsumma, flung from space via the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The self-described space-fiction confidently incorporates diverse musical genres, large projections and Auslan to create an energised vision of queer and accessible futures. Calling itself a “modern mythology, a queer tale, an abstract adventure,” Queen Kong’s commitment to colliding space and time is

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Biffo at Biff amid claim of cinema chain’s ‘Woolworthisation’ of film festival

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Screen Queensland’s move to revive the dormant Brisbane International Film Festival in partnership with Palace Cinemas has stoked concerns that the festival scene is being hijacked by commercial interests. The growing influence of Palace Cinemas on the film festival circuit may not mean that much on the surface says Mark Taylor, who sits on the

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