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Australia declares: I Stand with Lee Lin Chin

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On Tuesday of this week, we wrote about the absurd campaign being waged against Gold Logie nominees Lee Lin Chin and Waleed Aly. But the day after, things got even more ridiculous with a piece written by News Corp’s Victoria Hannaford “six reasons why Waleed Aly shouldn’t win Gold“.

Thankfully, the team behind SBS 2’s The Feed have hit back. And they also got Lee Lin’s unique perspective on the controversy…

19 responses to “Australia declares: I Stand with Lee Lin Chin

  1. The commercial T.V glitterati are a fading constellation, their egotism and self delusion are being eclipsed by the digital age -we are all media companies now, their audiences are shrinking by the day. Well done Lee Lin.

  2. Comparing this Logie “controversy” (really a nontroversy) to the murder of cartoonists by radical Islamic extremists, through the reuse of the hashtag, seems slightly disrespectful IMO.

  3. What’s the matter with you people? Are you seriously putting Lee Lin in the same bag as Scott Cam? It should be a privilege not to be put in the same category as the commercial TV presenters.

  4. Some substance to the Logies! Lee Lin Chin and Waleed Aly – both fitting nominees, both deserving of support!

  5. What else would expect from the press at Newscorp.??.. At last we have people like Lee Lin Chin and Waleed Aly who tell it like it is..That deserves an award in itself!!

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