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Australia Council Awards recipients announced for 2018

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The Australia Council has announced the 2018 recipients of Australia Council award which “recognise and celebrate the significant contributions of leading artists to the artistic and cultural vibrancy of the nation”.

The winners, nominated by industry peers, are:

Bruce Pascoe (VIC) – Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature

Liza Lim (VIC) – Australia Council Don Banks Music Award

Pat Brassington (TAS) – Australia Council Award for Visual Arts

Nigel Helyer (NSW) – Australia Council Award for Emerging & Experimental Arts

Phillip Adams (VIC) – Australia Council Award for Dance

Liz Jones AO (VIC) – Australia Council Award for Theatre

Christian (Bong) Ramilo (NT) – Australia Council Ros Bower Award for Community Arts and Cultural Development

Edwin Kemp Attrill (SA) – Australia Council Kirk Robson Award for Community Arts and Cultural Development

Australia Council CEO Tony Grybowski said:

“These national awards are a critical way for the Australia Council to recognise the remarkable achievements of individual Australian artists, as well as highlighting the broader contribution of all our artists to enhancing the lives of Australians.

“The recipients of the 2018 awards are leaders in their respective fields. They have individually and collectively made highly significant contributions to the development of artistic practice and to challenging existing ways of exploring how we express identity and how we connect with one another. Almost all Australians engage with the arts multiple times on a daily basis.

“The Arts play a central role in wellbeing, in building more creative and cohesive communities, and are a complex and layered reflection of our nation. With that in mind it is essential that we celebrate and support the rich and diverse artistic talent we are fortunate to have.”

Image: Artist John Kelly’s take on the Australia Council logo ‘Big Foot’

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