Aboriginal graffiti artists in the spotlight in new series

NITV’s successful Indigenous art program Colour Theory kicks off its fourth season tonight, shifting its focus to the streets.

Colour Theory: Underground will profile four Indigenous graffiti artists working across Australia’s capital cities, using country and culture to inspire their contemporary urban art. The series sees acclaimed artist and host Tony Albert travel across the country to document the artists’ process, from the initial spark of inspiration, through to production and exhibition.

Each half-hour episode features a different artist: Narisha ‘Nish’ Cash, Libby Harward, Kingsley “Budda” Hampton and Warraba Weatherall. Their art is bold and bright, but draws inspiration from challenges facing Aboriginal youth today, including deaths in custody and substance abuse.

Colour Theory: Underground director Dena Curtis said: “Colour Theory provides an insight into the evolution of Aboriginal art and cultural expression, and in this series, we uncover the similarities between traditional Aboriginal art practise and graffiti.

“Graffiti offers a platform for these artists to celebrate their culture, language and stories in a public forum and in a place that can’t be ignored.”

Colour Theory: Underground premieres on NITV Tuesday, October 3 at 8pm


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