Tony Abbott defends Western Civilisation against marriage equality, again

“Yet defeat could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if it forces the defenders of Western civilisation out of their long complacency. For too long we have put up with the trashing of our country’s history and the rubbishing of our ethical norms because we didn’t want to upset people.” – Tony Abbott, November 14

One could easily dismiss the latest blathering of Tony Abbott as an attack of petulance on the eve of the disclosure of the results of the same-sex marriage survey. It would be the easy option. But there is in the preceding quote a slab of such delusional thinking it demands a response.

The paragraph was part of a newspaper column in which Abbott, while raising the white flag on behalf of the No campaign, seized victory from the jaws of defeat, if only to justify his stance and that of fellow travellers.

And it is not a mere trifling win but a mighty presage to the glory of the righteous, which is, what Tony Abbott believes is the correct axis on which the universe and in particular this country should be turning.

His is a nasty piece of solipsism wrapped in syllogism.

Thus the losers become “the defenders of Western civilisation”. What a consolation prize, what a grand and mighty bulwark against the barbarians at the gates of society. We shall quiver no more if these defenders are compelled “out of their long complacency” to save our lives, our lifestyle and our prejudices.

In truth, it’s a nasty piece of solipsism wrapped in syllogism that in its inoffensive wording betrays a view that is predicated on division. Those who are not us are the enemy. Thus if we are the defenders of Western civilisation, no less, then who are these other people? It is a whole world of bigotry in a small mind.

Abbott in his battle cry goes on: “For too long we have put up with the trashing of our country’s history and the rubbishing of our ethical norms because we didn’t want to upset people.”

Ah yes, “the trashing of our country’s history”. If a nation cannot withstand the questioning of its foundation and the bringing into the light of all aspects of its history what hope then for that nation to accept its past and then reconcile all those parts to make the whole. Truth cannot be only those parts of history with which one agrees. Yet that is what Abbott and those of like mind believe and need to believe to justify their thoughts and actions.

History makes no promises of allowing people to live within comfort zones. In fact, history makes no promises at all. It is what it was and its colouring of the present cannot be glossed over.

It is to the last part of this call to arms that desperation, outrage and a strangely pathetic whimper comes into play – “the rubbishing of our ethical norms because we didn’t want to upset people”.

What ethical norms then are being traduced? There is no master manipulator at work here. This is a democracy.

See what reasonable, thoughtful and considerate people we are. We’re saints no less in our control of our emotions. We didn’t want to upset people, even though we had put up with such manifest calumnies and travesties of the truth. Our ethical norms have been rubbished. The poor diddums, one and all.

What ethical norms then are being traduced? Only those that need to be, for example, the allowance that people of whatever gender can marry whomever they choose. There is no master manipulator at work here. This is a democracy.

It’s a curious phrase Abbott uses “that we didn’t want to upset people”. Are his people too nice, don’t want to make a fuss because after all that’s how his people live their lives. Society was, is and will be forever more how it is in their eyes. Change is a monster. It destroys all that is good.

But then how, if this truly is a battle cry, will the uprising occur now that all bets are off and there is a necessity to upset people?

That’s easy. Introducing Tony Abbott, prime minister.

9 responses to “Tony Abbott defends Western Civilisation against marriage equality, again

  1. Warwick’s writing is not journalism.
    I regularly see this sort of emotive writing at the university I am associated with’
    His style is quite common and concerns me. Even having been brought up in the 50’s we were told to be balanced and respectful.
    my ONLY criticism is that this is not journalism, it is nothing more than rambling.

  2. If Abbott does get his pre selection for the next election, there’s every chance he’ll lose the seat. He might have last time if Turnbull hadn’t come to his aid. And the voters of Warringah must be mightily sick of watching him trash the government they voted for while he’s hypocritically feigning concern.

  3. Well, don’t forget he takes his orders from a higher order – no, not god but from Opus Dei, and the ghost of old B.A., hisself, plus various
    Catholic Cardinals. And no doubt some arch conserviative from the English Tory party. I do though notice Pell is being very, very, very quiet. Guess he didn’t want to sully the waters with his public two-pennies worth ( which would be about a penny ha’pence more than that would be worth.

    This cabal is not about freedom – it is all about control. the old “we know what’s best for you!” moral smugness, so typical of the “Born-to-rule” ethos.

    Winners are grinners and losers are consigned to the wood-heap of history. Perhaps they can console themselves with the faggots (bow there’s a good pun) of their own self-righteousness.

  4. The inconvenient truth is that the ‘Yes’ vote was not an overwhelming majority. Almost 40% voted ‘No’ and this large minority is the group Abbott and the forces of darkness will claim to defend against the ‘…trashing of our country’s history and the rubbishing of our ethical norms’. These men of the Right are on a mission from God. They CANNOT give up.

    Abbott PM? Maybe not, but this race is far from over.

  5. The No vote did not even realise 40%, Mr Abbott’s self-proclaimed threshold for moral victory. How weak he must think Western civilisation is that is brought down by, of all things a voluntary vote in a democracy. Let’s not even mention his shenanigans to avoid the parliamentary vote the democracy he serves abstained from. Surely his and others conceited disregard for parliamentary process far more threatens civil societies than a majority vote. Abbouttface, Abbottunity Lost, poor man, lost soul. Of course the lunatic fringe sprouting bullshit about SSM that are part of his minority could not possibly represent an ‘elitist’ view, or surely Abbouttface would not side with them. Yet he is, part of an elite, that is a minority that thinks it’s views ar esuperior to a clear majority. To borrow words from Little Britain, ‘I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but what that boy needs is a good stiff etc etc’

  6. Tony ‘Mr Yesterday’ Abbott will be having a much bigger fight on his hands next year when pre selection for his seat of Warringah gets underway. The word is that Mike ‘sell off all the states assets’ Baird is going to do as his dad did. Stand for Federal Parliament after a stint in state parliament. The seat he’s after is, is …. drum roll …. Warringah. Won’t the factions love that.

    Just remember that the broken promises of each of these men ended up making some of us homeless. But at least we could count on having a new tollway to sleep on.

  7. Just for the record the one thing that defined abbott as a complete CLUNKHEAD and of no cultural expertise or knowledge was hie refusal to give Peter Sclulthorpe a funeral similar to Joan Sutherland ..

  8. I think Abbott has forgotten all the countries in the world who have already sanctioned SSM can;t protect them they are already defeated !! The guy is so driven by the loss of being PM he just won’t lie down ,If I was PM and got thrown off my perch I would resign , Keating did ,his personal massive ego would not allow him to be a humble backbencher,humiliating for him ,,, But dopey Abbott can’t see that he is making a fool of himself staying in , I do suspect it’s a financial angle he needs a job ,money ???


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