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A message from Tim Minchin as abuse victims fly to see George Pell give evidence

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Last week Tim Minchin caused more than a storm when he released his song Come Home (Cardinal Pell) viewed by more than one million people; he helped kickstart donations of more than $200,000 from 4,500 people for 15 victims of sexual abuse fly to Rome.
They fly out today to watch Cardinal George Pell give video-link evidence before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. He is giving evidence about about sexual abuse in the 1980s by priests in the Ballarat diocese.
Read Minchin’s unedited statement below: 


“Many very serious questions remain about George Pell’s conduct as a leader of an institution that failed to curb decades of rampant child sexual abuse within its hallowed walls. This failure has resulted in hundreds of innocent people suffering lifelong emotional and physical damage. A shocking number have committed suicide.
Whilst his actions and appearance suggest a man in good health, Pell asserts that he is too ill to travel to Australia to answer these questions at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.
And so today, thanks to the generosity of the Australian public, fifteen Ballarat Survivors will fly to Rome. They would not have been able to afford to do so without you.
These incredibly brave men and women will sit in a room with George Pell while he gives evidence via video-link to the Royal Commission. We hope that he will look them in the eye and tell them everything he knew.
Even if his only crime was willful blindness, a personal act of acknowledgement and contrition from this man is profoundly important for survivors. (Read Dr Judy Courtin in The Age, December 15, 2015)
I personally believe it would be appropriate for him to get on his knees and wash their feet.
I have great admiration for the survivors and their loved ones who have campaigned for years to have their voices heard. They have fought against a hugely wealthy institution that has a vested interest in quieting and discrediting them. (Pell’s lawyer reportedly costs $20,000.00 per day).
To the many survivors of abuse from all over the country who have written to me since the song came out, thank you so much for taking the time. Your messages have made me smile and cry… and feel just so angry for you. Please know that you are heard.
Thank you also to those who have shared the song. You’ve amplified the voices of the downtrodden, and have helped raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars for survivors.
To Gorgi Coghlin and Meshel Laurie, thank you for your advocacy, for setting up the Send Survivors to Rome fundraising page, and for pushing me to get off my bum and write the song.
To those who were outraged by the judgmental language in Come Home, you must understand: this is the language of anger. I owe George Pell no reverence beyond that which he has earned through his words and deeds. I, and many other Australians, are angry.
If you don’t understand why, perhaps it’s just a failure of imagination. Perhaps you need to picture one of the victims as your 9-year-old son or daughter?”
Tim Minchin, February 26, 2016.

28 responses to “A message from Tim Minchin as abuse victims fly to see George Pell give evidence

  1. Tim, I love you for this. Extraordinary assist for those in pain. The bastard can travel by boat, with medical support, we can force him back. Is extradition an option?

    1. Cardinal Pell was very unconvincing as he played the “I know nothing” Hogan’s Heroes Sergeant Schultz on our tv screens this morning.

    2. Everyone in the Catholic Church it seems knew, and most definitely everyone around George Pell knew. He however, has denied all knowledge of Pedophiles, he didn’t want to know.Now, he just has to accept that people do not want him to know their Confession either. He has failed the most fundamental responsibility of being a Priest and especially, the most Senior Church Leader,whilst over sighting a Cabal of disgusting and inordinately aggressive Pedophiles that seemingly molested every child they could their hands on.He has no authority to hear anyone’s confession due to his willful avoidance of his prime responsibility as a Man and a Priest, and that is to be honest and compassionate.He is neither.He oversaw mob mentality, he oversaw decades of Mob sexual predators abusing children but admits not one degree of knowledge because as he said “he didn’t want to know”

  2. Thank you Tim… a survivor from New Zealand… through out the many years… of sharing our grief… pain and shame… I hear your words from your heart… I like your openness about how you feel… for the victims-survivors… of the catholic church abuse… for not only your country Australia… but of the world… we have fought for justice… since we were able to face up.. that it was not our fault… we were not to blame… you have made the world… look at us abused men and women… in a different light… and it is getting brighter every day… we can face what befalls us now… and say… we were innocent of our childhood abuse… we were children… and we are the TRUTH…
    Thank you so much Tim… the world thankz you
    Ann Thompson
    New Zealand

  3. Oh that is without doubt one of the best songs EVER! I especially love the end. Still laughing.
    If God is real, why can’t he get Pell here himself – or at least make him well so he can fly. Not a good employer, is he. Most employers look after their staff when they’re sick. If he really cared. Then again if he really cared, none of the abuse would have taken place. Makes you wonder?

  4. Conveniently omitted in this article are the accusations against the Cardinal. Probably because none of them stand up to scrutiny. This is a mob mentality at its worst.

    1. mob mentality????
      hundreds of courageous people coming forward to talk about the abuse they experienced is Mob Mentality???????
      Asking a religious leader to stand up and be accountable is Mob Mentality?
      Bury your head in the sand in the name of maintaining a belief system that requires mental acrobatics of the worst kind mentality mate.
      I’m so glad I wasn’t brought up Xtian.

  5. For a couple of thousand of years the holier than though hierarchy of Church and State have combined to keep power and privilege and be absolute hypocrites; controlling and bullying and raping and pillaging.
    A woman I met who came from a NSW orphanage my mum went to, was raped by a priest and shunted away to Victoria, then returned without a word…only to have that adopted child turn up in his 50’s with a desperate story of his own.
    These lives are the direct result of the Church. I don’t know why people still go. Women should just create their own, then who would do the cleaning for them?
    Tim Minchin is a courageous hero – if I believed in good Karma he’d have a ton of it and needs to keep coming back again and again to keep the bastards honest.

    1. Yes Julie ‘Suffer in Silence’ was the phrase of yesteryear – thank God these people have AT LAST BEEN LISTENED TO! Heart Breaking as it is! Thanks to Tim Minchin – a legend!!! for his contribution. As for George Pell and his poor memory!!!!! AS the saying goes Time will heal, but my theory is it should never happened in the First place, especially in an environment where people are deemed to be TRUSTWORTHY!

  6. As one of the victim of abuse, I am appalled and disgusted by this song and your outrageous presumption to speak for victims.

    1. Stephen,
      Really? Are you equally appalled that he managed to raise $200,000 for the victims to travel to Rome to listen to Pell?

    2. Stephen you have to be kidding ……right? YOU need the wonderful heart & brilliant mind of TIm to speak for the victims because they do not have an international media profile. This is how over $200,000 has been raised and how 15 people have been able to attend and ‘shirtfront’ Cardinal “Sin” . This would not have happened otherwise & Tim was approached by abuse victims for help. His compassion, talent & bravery should be applauded HELL ! some people just can’t be pleased.

  7. The members of the general public who are sure that Pell is innocent are as blind as those who are sure he’s guilty.
    The bias one way or another is absolutely disgusting… how’s a man to get a fair hearing with this circus going on?
    I’m neither Catholic nor atheist – taking side or a trial by emotion is not how justice is achieved. If Pell is really innocent I suspect the baying crowd wouldn’t even care about all the vitriol that had been thrown his way, nor would they offer any sort of apology… they just want someone to blame.

  8. Piss weak!
    Child abuse is (all it’s forms) part of the human dichotomy, from working in coal mines. (Edwardian England) To the sex slaves of asia, child soldiers of Mazombique and the underfed hemaphrodites of the celebrated catwalk of Milan. Objectified, manipulated, idolised and carstrated.
    Tim Michin seeks but to remain in the spot light (by definition, his job) and this but a compounding symptom of the “Postmodern” experiment unwinding. Only with a return to the cave dwelling troglodytes will be, these idiots happy!

  9. Pell lied about trying to shut people up with payments of $50k (on 60 Minutes), and in the RC has now admitted that he knew about Risdale’s activities and did nothing about it. How is that mob mentality?

  10. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men (and women) to do nothing. That’s what so many people did in the Catholic church.

  11. I don’t indulge in religion, never have. Theres a part of me that thinks rock spiders seek jobs with kids. Priests, scout masters, school teachers etc etc.
    I think the worse part of it is the institutional disregard of any complaints. Its a we are the church and things like that don’t / can’t happen. They brought my mates mother in law back from Rome with an oxygen mask on all the time. If that 80 y o lady could come back so could Georgy Pell. Whats the Latin for convenient illness ?

    1. Exactly mate–that’s exactly what a bully will do– attract to a position of power– they did it with christian brothers and priests, all they had to do was say they believed in god -and they got jobs looking after little kids– its the same in all positions of authority–prisons- mental health facilities- refugee camps-police– they all attract bullies- what you have to realise is– and your very lucky because of it– the only establishment society is going after for these bully acts is Catholics– because the spotlight is on them– and their at the top of the list– society has to realise its not just Catholics we need to investigate abuses of — we need to see that the same bully, is in other positions of authority–other institutions- thats where they attract– far more-10Xs- abuses are happening in mental health facilities– just we haven’t arrived there yet- evolved–in seeing–like we have with the church.

  12. when the abuse has stopped its time to get over it– sure it can hang around– and people need to be made accountable– but you getting over it is more important than the rest– the same thing happened to me– i got over it fourty to fifty more years ago-st Augustine’s in the sixties–as soon as it stopped- i began to heal and forgive- that’s what we all have to do– kid yourselves not– but that’s the truth– if it was ongoing like mental health psychiatry abuse–id reckon you might have a healthy and fair reason– but fourty fifty years later– its over -gone- and if it isn’t– the problems in you -because you let it stay- become you- beat you- you’ve ruminated on it for too long– i know not everyone involved-but a decent percentage- anyway i hope this helps everyone to let it go- just realise the perpetrators have to also- live with the shame and the guilt- the depression of that- the sadness in their heart and mind–and is something they will never get over– whereas you on the other hand should and will– in fact are now– I suppose-and hope- but for them their is no hope– just like most of the mental health/psychiatric clients– because of psychiatrists– the tampering christian brothers of the mental health authority. 2016 style. That’s real abuse- that their is no escape from– so i would have to say– like we were told when we were kids not wanting to eat the veggies– think about the starving kids in Biafra– well think about pain each and every day until you die- forced into you by mental health– for your whole life– and try to compare that to what happened fourty or fifty years ago- for a few years- i don’t think it could ever compare.-, doesn’t to me anyway. And their is no royal commission to stop it, or make them accountable for their crimes. crimes/ abuses– that don’t stop.

  13. Minchin is a product of the modern mentality – anything goes, forget the rules of decency and law if it doesn’t suit us. From politicians to try-hard entertainers, it’s open slather. Sorry Mr Minchin – your “song” stinks. Unfortunately I feel the need to add, as a qualifier, that I have no sympathy for Pell or the church he represents. I am proudly atheist and I am constantly amazed that, after the revelations of recent years, anyone can still bring themselves to walk into a church building. But we are still a civilised society so we should behave like one.

    1. Certainly Beryl, a far higher standard should be held to AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL people in authority. They shouldn’t be able to wheedle out of facing the music & Tim Minchin has done well to provide it with a catchy tune, in Pell’s absent face.

  14. Mikem said that modern mentality is : “. . . anything goes, forget the rules of decency and law if it doesn’t suit us” . . . hang on, isn’t that the attitude of the creeps this whole investigation is targeting?

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