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Charles Koch has taken over the American political system

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Who’s the most dangerous man in America? Tough competition for sure, so let’s narrow it down to who’s doing the most damage to America and the rest of the world? Trump? Nope—there’s a higher power screwing us, and he lives in Wichita, Kansas.

His name is Charles Koch (pronounced “coke”) and last Friday he announced that he is now the sole power behind Koch Enterprises, America’s second largest privately-owned company, with annual revenues of $U 115 billion. Charles, who’s 82, has outlasted and outwitted his three brothers to control the Koch family oil and chemicals empire, and the Koch political machine that now essentially runs the US government.

Charles and his 78-year-old brother David bought out their other two brothers years ago, amidst a torrent of acrimony. Last week Charles announced that David had retired for health reasons, so now their combined assets could be effectively in Charlie’s hands—all $US 120 billion of it.

After generating trillions of dollars out of the fortune their father left them, what have the Koch brothers done with their billions? They have comprehensively remade America’s political system.

Back in 1980, David Koch tried being an elected politician when he ran for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket, but he got less than one percent of the vote. After that, the brothers decided to ditch democracy and simply buy control of the Presidency, the Congress, the judiciary, the media, and state and local governments across the USA.

In practical terms, the Koch agenda is to remove all constraints on what individuals and businesses can do, which is what Charles K calls “libertarianism”.

They don’t just pay the campaign bills of candidates for all levels of office — though they do that. They also finance think tanks that write laws for their politicians to enact, such as repealing Obama’s health care reforms and a vast range of environmental protections, or pushing for jail terms for protesters against environmental outrages perpetrated by big corporations.

In practical terms, the Koch agenda is to remove all constraints on what individuals and businesses can do, which is what Charles K calls “libertarianism” (not to be confused with the anti-elite libertarianism promoted in the sixties by Sydney intellectuals such as Germaine Greer and John Anderson). They want to be freed from the burden of cleaning the emissions from their oil refineries, free to dump toxic effluent from their paper mills into rivers and oceans, free to soak their Stainmaster carpets in formaldehyde and VOCs, free to make and sell abhorrent weapons of war, and to litter the world with oil pipelines and skyscrapers of dodgy financial paperwork.

My long-time publishing partner Jim Hightower calls this take-over and make-over of America “the Koch coup”, the fundamental goal of which is to destroy the idea that America is united by the principle that we’re all in this together. It is hard to overstate the breadth of the Koch plan. Charles himself has said “Our movement must destroy the prevalent statist paradigm.”

Over the past 40 years, the Kochs have drawn in hundreds of fellow billionaires including Richard and Rebecca Mercer (Trump backers and founders of Cambridge Analytica) and Sheldon Adelson (casino multi-billionaire and extreme Zionist) – plus undisclosed multinational corporations serving as silent partners.

They coordinate campaign contributions from all these donors, and the Koch network of think tanks and universities that promote their theories and practices into what Hightower calls a Plutocrats-United conspiracy — yep, that word — which has largely succeeded in co-opting the US government. They spend more to elect Republican candidates of their own choosing than the Republican Party itself can afford to spend. In her recent exposé book on these guys, Democracy in Chains, Duke University historian Nancy MacLean calls them “property supremacists”.

During the 2016 election, Charles Koch didn’t support Trump; he said choosing Clinton or Trump was like choosing “cancer or a heart attack”. He preferred the anti-gay, anti-healthcare Senator Ted Cruz, who also says he “leads the fight for Israel, to honor God’s promise”.

But Trump won, so Koch set out to take over his administration without having to confront the bullying buffoon directly.

Charles Koch is not satisfied with just taking over the US political system — he likes to groom those from other countries, including Australia.

As Trump’s own choices for his top ten staff members have been fired, quit, or removed for legal reasons, their jobs have been taken by politicians groomed and financed by the Kochs, including E.P.A. administrator Scott Pruitt, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump liaison with Congress Marc Short, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and other crucial operatives. Vice-President Mike Pence has long been a Koch yes-man. Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon recently told New Yorker writer Jane Mayer that if Pence were ever elected or appointed to the top job, “he’d be a President that the Kochs would own”.

Charles Koch is not satisfied with just taking over the US political system — he likes to groom those from other countries, including Australia. In recent years, Senator Cory Bernadi, who quit the Liberals to form his own Conservative Party and Libertarian Senator David Leyonhjelm have enjoyed the support of Koch organisations. The victorious Liberal campaign in South Australia last month was aided by the Kochs’ micro-targeting company called i360.


This Koch family saga sounds like Kurt Vonnegut wrote it, but as Mark Twain said, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t”.

The family patriarch, Fred Koch, got into oil drilling and refining. He is reported to have sympathised with the Ku Klux Klan, and in the 1950s he co-founded John Birch Society, which has a history of members inclined to white supremacy and anti-semitism, and which his sons David and Charles also joined.

In the 1930s, Fred (pictured above) set the family fortune zooming by selling his oil refining technology, and 15 oil refineries, to the highest bidder of the day — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics led by Premier Josef Stalin. ‘Ya wouldn’t read about it, certainly not in Time magazine, recently acquired by Charles Koch.

Phillip Frazer stays clear of conspiracies up on

16 responses to “Charles Koch has taken over the American political system

  1. I challenge Mr. Frazer to document his very serious description of the John Birch Society which he claims ” is the white supremacist and anti-semitic John Birch Society”.

    Does Mr. Frazer know that many members and officials, as well as writers and speakers employed by Birch Society are racial and religious minorities?

    For example: does Mr. Frazer know that one of the founding members of the JBS (Alfred Kohlberg) was Jewish and he served on the JBS National Council. After Kohlberg, the late David Eisenberg also served on the JBS National Council as does Andy Dlinn today. Furthermore, there are hundreds of Jews who became members of the JBS. Why would they support an anti-semitic organization?

    Does Mr. Frazer know that there are numerous African-American members of the JBS? Why would African Americans join a “racist” organization — and even become major speakers or writers for the JBS? Here is a partial list of some of the more prominent black members of the JBS:

    *Ezola B. Foster (2000 VP nominee, Reform Party)
    *George S. Schuyler (African American columnist and author)
    *FBI informant Manning Johnson
    *FBI informant Julia Brown
    *FBI informant Lola Belle Holmes
    *FBI informant Gerald Kirk
    *FBI informant Leonard Patterson
    *Pastor C. Fain Kyle (Conservative Christian Churches of America, Richmond CA)
    *Rev. Uriah J. Fields (Montgomery AL)
    *Rev. J.L. Ward (Memphis TN)
    *Rev. Steven Craft (Baptist Minister, NJ)
    *Gwendolyn Kyle (Richmond CA)
    *Rev. E Freeman Yearling
    *Charles Smith
    *Alvin Smith

    Does Mr. Frazer know that one JBS member (Rev. Delmar Dennis) was formerly an informant for the FBI inside the most violent Klan in our nation’s history and after he surfaced and testified against Klan members, the Birch Society hired Rev. Dennis to share his experiences around our country concerning the criminal activities of the KKK in Mississippi? Would a racist organization do that?

      1. Readers should google ‘Michael the Black Man’ to verify this. He’s the character vigorously waving a sign saying ‘Blacks For Trump’ at a lot of Donald’s rallies.

      2. Gary— Please give me one or two examples to support your contention.

        In other words, give me a few examples from history where some supposedly racist organization has hired speakers or writers that had previously been FBI informants because they were supposed to report upon criminal activities of some other racist organizations!

        For example:

        (1) Perhaps you can give me an example of someone hired by Gerald L.K. Smith as a speaker or writer and that person subsequently reported upon criminal activities of some other racist organizations?


        (2) Perhaps you can give me an example of someone hired by the American Nazi Party or by National States Rights Party and those employees subsequently reported upon criminal activities by some other racist organizations?


        (3) Perhaps you can give me an example of someone hired as a speaker or writer by United Klans of America or by the White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi (our nation’s most violent Klan) and that employee subsequently reported upon criminal activities by some other racist organizations?

    1. Since its inception in 1958 the core belief of the Birch Society has been that communism was/is taking over America. From the early days when the Kochs were active members, the Society embraced authors who laced their paranoid anti-communism with suggestions that Jews were/are central to the commie plot, and/or the global banking plot. Over the years they’ve learned public relations. I’m not dissing people Lazar lists; I’m characterizing the culture in which the Koch brothers grew up, and how far they’ve come toward taking over America.

      1. Written in The John Birch Society Bulletin (monthly newsletter for members), August 2002:

        “Anti-Semitism is particularly harmful in the battle for freedom because bad feelings toward Jews tend to preoccupy and warp the thinking of otherwise capable people. Deeply biased individuals nearly always end up on a futile course that eventually takes them entirely out of the freedom battle. Their racist sentiments make them useless to the legitimate cause that others, with God’s help, so earnestly pursue. Burdened with a repugnant fixation, they are unable to influence the many other responsible Americans who need to be recruited into organized, constructive action.

        It is important to note that anti-Semitism, in relation to the present struggle, has been traced to a spurious document known as the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ This publication is widely recognized as a fabrication. Robert Welch believed that the Protocols were a fraud perpetrated by Nikolai Lenin. He wrote that Lenin needed a mechanism for drawing fire away from himself, so he made up the whole idea of a Zionist plot.

        Lenin, along with his collaborators, conspired to misdirect blame for the deeds of Communists onto the Jews. They promoted the notion that the Jews were the real force behind Communism. The Protocols are supposed to prove that the Jews have long plotted to take control of the world by methods actually being employed by the Communists.

        Anti-Semitism is worse than a tangent — it is a trap from which few escape once they become obsessed with bad feelings toward the Jewish people. Patriotic citizens who develop such an obsession are not welcome in The John Birch Society. They are of no value to the freedom battle.”

        Also, JBS Founder Robert Welch said this at the founding meeting in 1958, which was published in the Blue Book, a publication that was given to members for decades and is still published today:

        “But a dislike for other races or creeds is a kind of unfortunate weakness to which human nature has a sad and too general vulnerability. It has been used by the Communists with tremendous energy, skill, and determination in America to stir up hatred and distrust among innocent people; between Gentiles and Jews; of Protestants for Catholics and vice-versa; of white people for colored and of our colored citizens for their white neighbors; and in a dozen lesser ways and opportunities. It’s a rotten game. But the man who falls for it is not half as rotten as the man who promotes it. And most rotten of all is the agent provocateur, who stirs up this hatred specifically for the purpose of being able to accuse others of having yielded to it.” (pg. 85-86)

        And from pgs. 150-151:
        Far from founding a religion, we are merely urging Protestants, Catholics, Jews, or Moslems to be better Christians, better Jews, or better Moslems, in accordance with the deepest and most humanitarian promptings of their own religious beliefs. And we are simply trying to draw a circle of faith in God’s power and purpose, and of man’s relationship to both, which is broad and inclusive enough to take each man’s specific faith into that circle without violation. Yet the evangelical fervor, with which we expect our members to fight the forces of evil and work for a better world, makes certain principles with regard to religious groups apply to ourselves.

        The John Birch Society has never been nor ever will be white supremacist or anti-Semitic.

        –Bill Hahn,
        VP, The John Birch Society
        Appleton, WI USA

        1. Bill Hahn tells only a portion of the story. Here are the questions which Mr. Hahn needs to answer:

          1. How do YOU define racism? AND would you agree that there are both overt and subtle ways to express and enforce racism (aka defense of white privilege and superiority)?

          2. Would you agree that segregationists are racists? If you agree, then how do you explain WHY Robert Welch INVITED life-long segregationists to become members of the JBS — and even serve on the JBS National Council?

          3. Are you aware that the Ku Klux Klux was listed as a “subversive” organization by the U.S. Attorney General?

          (A) IF you are aware of that, then why would the Birch Society hire people as paid speakers who had overt connections to Klan organizations (such as Rev. Ferrell Griswold of Alabama)? AND

          (B) Why did the Birch Society praise politicians (and give them high scores on the JBS “Conservative Index”) even though those politicians were affiliated with the KKK. Examples include the close association between Cong. John Rarick of Louisiana and the JBS. Rarick was a KKK member. The Birch Society invited him to write articles for its magazine (American Opinion) which he did–and Rarick was invited to be the featured speaker at a JBS National Council meeting.

          (C) Another example is Sen. James O. Eastland of MS — a life-long white supremacist who sought and received KKK support for his election campaigns AND Eastland worked tirelessly to thwart law enforcement prosecutions of Klan members who murdered civil rights workers in Mississippi. How do I know that? Because JBS member and FBI informant Rev. Delmar Dennis told his FBI case agent about it! Nevertheless, Robert Welch arranged to publish one of Eastland’s speeches and Welch effusively praised Eastland’s purported understanding of our Constitution. THEN, the JBS scored Eastland as “96” on its “Conservative Index”.

          Does the Birch Society consider KKK-sympathizers and fellow-travellers to be legtimate “conservatives” instead of subversive hate groups?

          (D) WHY did the Birch Society welcome high officials of the White Citizens Councils movement into the JBS as members, as chapter leaders, as section leaders, as Coordinators, as writers for its magazines, as speakers, and as National Council members?

          A few examples:

          The following JBS members were members or officers in their local White Citizens Council chapter OR in the national Ctizens Council organization

          (a) Medford Evans (JBS Coordinator for Louisiana and Mississippi AND Editor of the White Citizens Council magazine, “The Citizen” AND Chairman of the pro-segregation States Rights Party of Louisiana)

          (b) Doug Heinsohn (JBS Coordinator in Tennessee)

          (c) Louis Hollis (Business Manager and later Executive Secretary of White Citizens Councils of America)

          (d) William J. Simmons (Executive Director, Citizens Councils of America AND during WWII, discharged from US Army as security risk because of ties to nazis in Europe)

          (e) Kent Courtney (New Orleans Citizens Council AND candidate for Governor on pro-segregation Louisiana States Rights Party ticket)

          (f) One very prominent JBS member was Maj. General Edwin A. Walker. In 1963, the JBS Public Relations Director (John Rousselot) presented Edwin Walker with a plaque which described Walker as our “greatest living American”. [Los Angeles Times, 4/4/63, page 36].

          How does Bill Hahn explain such effusive praise for Walker by the JBS when you consider that Walker gave scores of speeches to white supremacy organizations (including KKK groups) and Walker made the following statements?

          (1) “I think I can match three good Americans in the KKK for every one in the Americans For Democratic Action or the Anti-Defamation League.”

          (2) “I’ll bet you will find more good Americans in the Ku Klux Klan than in the Americans For Democratic Action.”

          (3) In an August 4, 1963 speech before the Fifth Annual National Convention of the Christian Crusade in Oklahoma City, (which, incidentally, was also attended by Robert Welch) Walker declared that the Communists were behind “all racial disorder, all racial riots…” and he then added: “The best thing for niggers for their own good, is to be separated.”

          The following JBS members/endorsers were financial contributors to Gerald L.K. Smith’s notorious racist and anti-semitic Christian Nationalist Crusade:

          Dr. Hugh S. Ramsay – Bloomington IN
          Olive Simes – Boston (and stockholder in Robert Welch Inc)
          Franklin Farrel Jr. – New Haven CT
          Edgar A. Scheubert – Chicago IL
          Paul H. Talbert – Beverly Hills CA (JBS National Council member). Talbert contributed $150 to GLKS in 1959 (equivalent to about $1300 in today’s dollars)


          IF EVERY PERSON LISTED ABOVE was a member of the Communist Party OR an officer in a Communist-front group

          (1) Would Bill Hahn and the Birch Society totally ignore ALL their connections to racist or anti-semitic groups?


          (2) Would Bill Hahn and the JBS tell everybody that all these connections were totally irrelevant information to consider??

      2. Mr. Frazer:

        I suggest that you spend some time reading some well-documented academic books or doctoral dissertations concerning the John Birch Society because your knowledge is somewhat deficient.

        It is easy to use lowest-common-denominator reasoning to form opinions which are not accurate. While it is certainly accurate to point out that the Birch Society believed (mistakenly) that “Communists” or “Communist sympathizers” were responsible for a lot of problems in our country, it is NOT accurate to pretend that the official JBS position was that “Jews were/are central to the commie plot”.

        IF the official JBS position was actually what you claim, then the JBS would never have been able to attract hundreds of Jewish members into its ranks.

        One of the ways we make rational conclusions is to make careful distinctions and that means we should NOT succumb to hearsay, gossip, rumor, or massively flawed arguments which seek to denigrate and maliciously defame entire groups of people whose views might differ from our own.

        There are many VALID and FACTUAL reasons to reject the Birch Society and its false arguments, but claiming that the official JBS position was hostile toward Jews or any other religious heritage is not true and you should apologize for that misrepresentation.

        I have fought the JBS for over 50 years. YES, they have appealed to and attracted a significant percentage of weirdos and wackos but one must make a careful distinction between official JBS ideology and official JBS positions versus the activities or beliefs of some unknown percentage of those weirdos and wackos.

  2. Well there you are, a very good explanation why democracy is failing. The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about the problems of democracy and resorted to “election” by ballot. by this means the leaders are assured of never owing anything to their supporters. A midway position would be to assure candidates financial support via the taxation system. Worried about the cost? Are not donations to parties tax deductible.

  3. More on Koch – relevant to the Ramsay Center – University move by the IPA.
    Just have a look at the video — it is very hard to listen too, but they provide a translation
    Charles Koch Foundation video/audio discussion of using grants an donations to distort university output.


    1. It seems to be commonplace in American political discourse to try to find some person or persons that can be demonized and then proposed as the devil incarnate who is responsible for everything we don’t like.

      The Koch family history is more complex than simplistic hate-everything-Koch messages present.

      1. Fred Koch (it is true) was a founding member of the Birch Society and he served on its National Council. However, based upon my research, he was not particularly active within the JBS. I have acquired considerable private correspondence between and among National Council members and between them and JBS founder Robert Welch. Fred Koch’s name does NOT come up very often — as opposed to other Council members who were extremely active in JBS activities.

      2. According to Fred Koch’s widow, before Fred died, he resigned from the JBS because of disagreements he had with Robert Welch. Apparently, the final straw was Welch’s attempt to explain a “Master Conspiracy” which began in the 18th century with the Bavarian Illuminati — and Fred Koch thought such arguments were so arcane and bizarre that they would drive away prospective JBS members.

      3. Charles Koch joined the JBS at the suggestion of his father (Fred). However, Charles resigned from the JBS in May 1968 because of a dispute over the JBS position regarding the Vietnam War. Charles (and fellow Wichita KS JBS member, Robert Love) paid for an advertisement in their local newspaper which advocated that the U.S. withdraw from Vietnam. The official JBS position was opposite to the Koch/Love position and, consequently, both Charles and Robert Love resigned. More significantly, Charles Koch was MUCH more involved with Robert LeFevre’s libertarian “Freedom School” than Koch cared about the JBS.

      Later, Robert Welch asked Charles Koch to accept appointment to the JBS National Council — on paper, the governing body of the JBS but Charles declined. Instead, Charles was a Board member (and financial contributor) for LeFevre’s “Freedom School” in Colorado.

  4. Good work Mr Frazer, lots for us to avoid but sadly won’t. Turncoat will continue his underhanded agenda to make Australia more American in the sense of belonging to the 1% and everybody else, well who needs them in a perfect world?

  5. As mentioned above, ‘Dark Money’ goes into the gory details.

    Turnbull is worried about foreign influence over elections and legislation, perhaps blithely unaware of how much their policies owe to the Koch brothers pushing an agenda that is misanthropic, at best.

    These people are almost caricatures, the effects of their actions world-wide are enormous. Ronald Reagan’s ‘government isn’t the solution to the problem, government is the problem’ was said with the Koch brothers hand up his ventriloquist dummy back.

    They honestly believe that if they are in business they should have untrammelled rights to pollute the environment and not pay for any clean-ups, not be regulated in any way, and have carte blanche entitlement to run roughshod over everyone less wealthy than they are. They are so deeply embedded in American politics that there is o border between the two, business/politics is one game.

    This is why Australia has to disallow any direct donations from businesses and individuals to political parties, other than in small amounts. We aren’t far away, but we are well on the road to having a corrupted system. America is beyond saving.

  6. Absolute power ( and wealth) corrupts absolutely. Is the absurd wealth gap enjoyed by the wealthiest 1% not the real problem? Should we not explore how to change that rather than go after individuals who have been enriched and corrupted by it?

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