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$115 million in new arts funding for Victoria

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While South Australia’s arts community is protesting against funding cuts and the impact of the Federal Government’s funding debacle is beginning to become clear, the Victorian Labor Government has pledged $115 million of new funding for the arts. And, unlike most recent changes to arts funding around the country, it’s attached to a considered policy, developed over 12 months of consultation with artists and members of the public.

Given that Victoria’s creative industries make up 8% of the state’s economy, contributing around $23 billion and making up 220,000 jobs, it’s a relatively modest, but essential investment in the sector.

In launching the “Creative State” strategy last night, Minister for the Creative Industries Martin Foley said:

“Creativity has a largely untapped role in delivering wider community solutions to many issues Victoria faces. Education, mental health, physical wellbeing, corrections and community cohesion all do better when our artistic, cultural and creative sectors are engaged with them. The way in which cultural solutions help to solve social problems is the challenge we set ourselves. To this end, Creative State will make cultural solutions a key to our social future.

Our creative industries are important to our prosperity. They will drive new approaches to job creation and industry innovation. As our economy transitions and the new jobs of the future emerge, creative industries will be increasingly important to the economic future of the next generation.”

Creative State is made up of the following five “areas of focus and key actions”:

1. Backing creative talent ($6.35 million over four years)

Creating more opportunities to produce and present great work
·  a major investment in our Aboriginal arts and culture, to be delivered in partnership with Aboriginal business and community groups.
·  assistance to artists for the production of significant works as well as career advancement.

2. Strengthening the creative industries ecosystem ($57.35 million over four years)

Building capability and conditions for growth
·  access for creative industries to business acceleration services to stimulate entrepreneurship and develop a stronger capacity to commercialise ideas and capture economic returns.
·  support for screen industry business development, production activity and events.

3. Delivering wider economic and social impact ($14.05 million over four years)

Stimulating innovation and wider creative impact
·  a major investment in design to support design businesses and broaden the impact of design.
·  a pioneering cultural solutions program to extend the role of creative services in securing social benefits, to be delivered in partnership with government and community organisations.

4. Increasing participation and access ($32.15 million over four years)

Engaging more Victorians in cultural and creative endeavour
·  place-based actions, in partnership with suburban and regional councils, to establish spaces for creative enterprises and collaboration, and stronger cultural engagement with communities.
·  specific actions in regional centres, including Bendigo, Ballarat, Latrobe Valley and Shepparton to enhance creative experiences and infrastructure.
·  actions to achieve greater diversity in employment, programming and participation in the creative industries.

5. Building international engagement ($5.05 million over four years)

Extending Victoria’s impact and profile for global audiences, visitors and markets
·  a stronger commitment to creative industries touring, collaboration with overseas partners to grow our international impact and opportunities for Victorian businesses to take products and services to the world.
·  a major initiative to determine how Melbourne can become a world-renowned cultural tourism destination, based on having the right mix of cultural infrastructure, organisations, programming and investment.

The specific actions attached to these five areas of focus are outlined in the full Creative State strategy.

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  1. Just what Australia needs: MORE GOVERNMENT ART! If the sector is 8% of the economy this is a joke! Most of it goes to NGV anyway.

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