Peter Tullin mixes art and tech to cast Melbourne as a post-Silicon Valley metropolis


The Victorian State Government’s Creative Summit 28-29 June is distinctive in as much as government, that slow beast, makes clear its intention to recognise the artist’s role as an essential, mainstream and productive member of society and the economy and not just an outlier. Big stuff does get done in summits. Summits are short, sharp and seek solutions. There’s

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Overseas visitors rate Sydney first for culture but locals say Melbourne is tops


Melbourne is used to winning the World’s Most Liveable City title and the slightly less prestigious World’s (Second) Most Fun City but a new report released this week by the Victorian Government shows that its reputation as a cultural capital needs some work as other cities catch up. According to the government’s report, Melbourne as a Global

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Win tickets to the Australian World Orchestra’s Chamber 8 on tour

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The Australian World Orchestra (AWO) is delighted to present AWO CHAMBER 8, an ensemble of Australia’s finest musicians based in prestigious international and national orchestras, performing a series of unmissable intimate chamber concerts. The tour will include AWO’s first performances in Perth and Brisbane, as well as Sydney and Melbourne. All exceptional soloists in their

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Do the arts count in the Top End?

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The Darwin Festival has failed local visual artists. Spending money on a roving class of interstate creatives and acts is capital that gets drained from the local culture making economy. There is no substantial quota for local engagement, there is no compulsion that local creatives get engaged and employed. The current festival model fails to connect

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GLOW review: is Netflix’s new series Orange is the Black 2.0?

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Netflix’s new show GLOW is a fictionalisation of the personalities and stories behind-the-scenes of the 1980s wrestling promotion and TV series, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The ten-part series premieres today, and is inevitably going to be compared to Orange is the New Black.  On paper, the shows have plenty of similarities: GLOW is a comedy-drama Netflix original, following an ensemble cast of “strong” women

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Hot Brown Honey review (Sydney Opera House)

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Hot Brown Honey — the performance and party event that’s part burlesque, part cabaret, part hip-hop gig, part circus and all protest — has become a bit of a sensation over the last few years. The politically-charged show, which is the brainchild of Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers and Lisa Fa’alafi, has toured extensively and is now

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Slut review (Old Fitz Theatre, Sydney)

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This production of Patricia Cornelius’s play Slut started life as a one-off staging as part of the Women in Theatre and Screen’s (WITS) Festival Fatale last year. When I reviewed that initial staging, I wrote: “I hope this production returns to Sydney at some point, because it needs to be seen.” Now the production has returned for a

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