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Eric Metaxas on Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World

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Eric Metaxas, author of Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World (Viking) greets me over the phone with “Yiasou Patritha” (health to your homeland). We Greeks carry ‘homeland’ on our shoulders. The New York based writer of Greek German background says, “I loved your An Atheist in Greek Easter,” about an old piece I sent him

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Gallery: Judith Van Heeren’s Sea Garden at Murray White Room, Melbourne

JudithVanHeeren1_Seagarden with volcano 2018_50x60cm

Judith Van Heeren’s new exhibition of natural history paintings, Sea Garden, is at Murray White Room in Melbourne’s CBD until May 5 . Sea Garden was partly inspired by the 1769 painting Sea Plumes, Lithophytes and Shells by Anne Vallayer-Coster in the Louvre. “The painting is just so exquisitely painted and full of mystery and intrigue. At that time I imagined the oceans

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Ari Shaffir: Heretic (Melbourne Comedy Festival)

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The Comic’s Lounge in North Melbourne feels like the beer barn of comedy venues in this festival. It brings a chunk of Frankston’s infamous Pier Hotel into the inner city, while conjuring up some memories of the long gone Last Laugh in Collingwood. It’s big, and quite full considering it’s a cool Tuesday evening. It’s

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I Feel Pretty movie review: Amy Schumer miscast in a flaky, hypocritical comedy about inner beauty

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In the under-rated anthology comedy Movie 43, Hugh Jackman plays a hunky bachelor with one, shall we say, slightly unusual thing about him: a pair of huge testicles that dangle from his chin. His shell shocked date, Kate Winslet, cannot take her eyes off them; nor can she understand why nobody else in a busy restaurant appears

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