Julian Assange the literary festival guest, and the casual cruelty of the media

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Back in 2016, Bendigo Writers Festival hosted an event with Julian Assange. Robert Manne had written a small book about the “Cypherpunk Revolutionary”, a typically well-researched and carefully argued description of how Assange came to create Wikileaks, so we set up an interview from the Ecuadorian Embassy. One of the positives about the internet (which

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Postcard from Dance Massive 2019 (Melbourne)

Public-Actions xx-by-Luke-George-and-Collaborators_Image-by-Pippa-Samaya_DSC07236
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Humphrey Bower reviews the following shows from Dance Massive held at various venues in Melbourne, March 12-24: Luke George and Collaborators, Public Actions Atlanta Eke, The Tennis Piece Stephanie Lake, The Skeleton Tree Marrugeku, Le Dernier Appel/The Last Cry Joel Bray, Biladurang Russell Dumas, Cultural Residues 2020  * How can dance intervene in the world? And

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Mosquitoes review (Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House)

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How did a precociously young British woman become one of the most performed contemporary playwrights in the English language theatre? Almost exclusively through merit, it must be said, so you can’t blame the Sydney Theatre Company for serving up a third Lucy Kirkwood play in as many years, following Chimerica in 2017 and The Children

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