Terror, love and the city within

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Terror comes in waves. The first is the bullet, knife or bomb. Then, the maiming or the death. Then there is the grief. The third drops into lives like a large stone dropped into a lake; it radiates out, slams into those directly affected and touches others with fainter ripples. Sometimes, it drowns those over

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The Girl in the Spider’s Web film review

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The extra half star is a generous gesture aimed at those who haven’t read the fourth instalment of the Millennium books, written by David Lagercrantz after the untimely demise of original author, Stieg Larsson. Anyone who has read the books, and particularly The Girl in the Spider’s Web, will spend much of the time caught

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The arts funding divide between the haves and have nots is counter-intuitive, poor business and immoral

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Last week I attended the Melbourne chapter of the Australia Council’s national consultation on the strengthening and enhancement of the Major Performing Arts Framework. I came away with a mix of emotions that a week later settled into unease then dread. I’m going to try to unpack that feeling through this essay. I believe the

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Can the film festival save cinema-going from the streaming service onslaught?

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Head to the cinemas while you still can. In the United States, cinema attendance plummeted to its lowest in 25 years. At home, Screen Australia’s CEO Graeme Mason said movie theatres are surviving on blockbusters alone. With streaming platforms like Netflix freeing us from the collective watching experience – anyone who loves popcorn, a choc

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Adelaide’s OzAsia is a festival to remember

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In recent years OzAsia has become one of the highlights of Adelaide’s festival calendar but never more so than in 2018. The hugely popular Moon Lantern Parade, cruelly thwarted by uncertain spring weather in recent years and cancelled several times, has benefited now that the festival begins in late October instead of a month earlier.

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