Video: Meet the Federal Minister for Empathy

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In the lead-up to the Federal Election 2019, the Federal Minister for Empathy, David Pledger, embarks on a series of interviews with the government’s front bench. Speaking with government ministers, he will tease out what makes the government tick by seeking to understand the role that empathy plays in the development of their political sensibilities.  The

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Is poetry rising from its slumber?

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“Poetry is resonating with people who are looking for understanding. It is a really good way to explore complex, difficult emotions and uncertainty” –  Andre Breedt, Nielsen Book Research. ** It was World Poetry Day recently. I missed it. I expect most did, too. For the record it was March 21. Put that in your

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Why French Film Queen Juliette Binoche is having a moment

Let the Sunshine In
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Some film stars play variations of themselves; others disappear into their roles. Somehow Juliette Binoche manages to do both: you’re never entirely unaware that you’re watching the French arthouse stalwart, and yet she manages to embody a spectrum of human emotions unreachable to lesser actors prone to overcompensation and overacting. Between a recent retrospective of

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Muriel’s Wedding the Musical review (Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne)

Muriels Wedding
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Friendship’s the thing in Muriel’s Wedding. Friendship, and self respect. And credit card fraud… Though you know what they say: one girl’s fraud is another’s opportunity. How to explain our enduring affection for semi-delusional, slightly subversive, small-time criminal, Muriel Heslop? It’s misleading to use a word like ‘Loser’ to describe her, since it suggests she’s

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Cinderella review (Arts Centre, Melbourne)

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Cinderella might be an age old fairy tale, but the sentiment rings true today.  A young woman is trapped in slavery and treated abysmally.  While the rich around her have power and mobility, she can only dream of a better life as she fights to survive.  However, where the story veers from reality is that unlike

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