MICF Daily Review warning system

At Daily Review, we understand how stressful the Melbourne International Comedy Festival can be for audience members. With more than 450 shows, it’s tough to work out exactly what will suit your ever-so-sensitive taste. So here’s the legend for our handy warning system, designed to keep you abreast of the Comedy Festival themes and cliches that pop up time and again. If you’ve got a particular aversion to audience participation, you can steer well clear. Or if you happen to go mental for mime you can book yourself in for some Marceau magic.

DR Comedy Warnings:

AP Audience Participation

WHIM Quirkiness, Whimsy and/or Optimism

MW Observation about the hilarious differences between men and women

Z Zaniness and/or Wackiness

IV Improv

MARX comic has recently read a pamphlet from the Socialist Workers Party

BOLT comic has recently read a pamphlet from Ayn Rand

SING a musical comic

ATH comic has recently read The God Delusion (a la Minchin, Deveny)


# Excessive Reference to Social Media


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