Blacks in the back, c***s in the front — how white Australia ‘remembers’ Aboriginal Australia

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This is the show-opening speech by Northern Territory artist Therese Ritchie for her recent show of new work Blacks in the back, cunts in the front held at the Outstation Gallery in Darwin last month. She writes that the show’s title is “a perfect description of how schizoid non-indigenous Australians can be when it comes to thinking about Aboriginal

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Has artist Scott Redford just burnt another bridge?

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Scott Redford is a prominent artist who lives in Queensland. He’s also a frequent commenter on this website, mostly about how public servants employed as curators reaffirm their own tastes when they make choices about who, and what to show in their state-funded museums. Redford is the first to admit he’s a “ratbag/whistleblower” whose — to put it mildly — forthright

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Paul Grabowsky on George Brandis’ ‘Social Darwinism’

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Paul Grabowsky, the composer and Executive Director of Performing Arts of the Academy of Performing Arts at Monash University, says Senator George Brandis, the former federal arts minister, practised “social Darwinism at its most naked”, in his raid last year on Australia Council’s funding and his new ‘Catalyst’ program for “arts excellence” — a ministerial slush fund that endures (in part) under

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A massive Banksy exhibition is coming to the streets of Australia (sort of)

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If you want to see the work of anonymous street artist Banksy, you usually have to go around the world, hunting down his pieces. It mightn’t be entirely in keeping with the subversive spirit of Banksy’s politically-charged work, but an innovative new exhibition will show some of his most famous pieces in Melbourne, conveniently all located in

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