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The Hypochondriac (Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney)

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The hangover from seeing a really great piece of theatre, a work of the moment that speaks to the moment, can be particularly cruel. Saint Joan, at the Sydney Theatre Company, captured so powerfully the isolation and subjection of women. The Hypochondriac, which opened at the Darlinghurst Theatre on Wednesday, is a portrait of an

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Civilisation beaten in a brawl between left and right


With friends like the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who needs enemies? The proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra has died in the trench warfare between the post-modern left and the new right. According to The Australian this week, the ANU’s incoming history department head, Professor Frank

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Brisbane gains a theatre, and loses another

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Last weekend the Queensland Government announced that its hulking arts complex, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Brisbane was about to get even bigger with an extra theatre to address the shortage of large theatre venues in the city. Commercial producers have long complained that big touring musicals could be lined up like Airbuses at a single runway airport waiting for

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Costuming James Joyce’s Ulysses, one literary period at a time

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In June, Melbourne celebrates its 25th ‘Bloomsday In Melbourne’ festival, the annual literary event commemorating James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses. The festival includes a stage production of Holy Cow! James Joyce Slaughters the Sacred Cows of English Literature, directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The festival’s director Frances Devlin-Glass looks at how its costumier, Rhiannon Irving,

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Gypsy theatre review (Hayes Theatre, Sydney)

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Why revive a decades-old piece of musical theatre in 2018? It’s a question I, a sucker for a show tune, think about a lot. It’s a question some producers don’t ask enough. I’ve narrowed it down to two good reasons. Three if you count profit, obviously, but let’s put that ugliness aside. Four based on

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