Cannes winners list: Nicole Kidman honoured with special prize

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Nicole Kidman was named this year’s unofficial Queen of Cannes, but has now been awarded a special 70th anniversary prize for her achievements at this year’s film festival. The 49-year-old actor had left Cannes by the the time the awards were presented, but sent a video message from Nashville. Kidman appeared in an astonishing four productions at the world’s

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Cannes Film Festival review: 120 battements par minute (120 Beats Per Minute)

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French writer-director-editor Robin Campillo‘s new film 120 battements par minute (120 Beats Per Minute) is a touching and passionate story about the forces behind Parisian AIDS-advocacy in the 1990s. It follows various members of the AIDS-advocacy group Act Up Paris and chronicles the lives of those affected by AIDS and HIV in the French capital. It’s stylistically beautiful, has

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Vive the Arts Republic! What Macron’s En Marche can show Australia’s artists


PJ Collins, the leader of Australia’s Arts Party – formed two years ago after Senator George Brandis’ failed attack on the Australia Council – argues that only when we become a Republic, will Australia truly appreciate and celebrate its creativity. *** It’s been fascinating to watch the rise of Emmanuel Macron in France. He’s the perfect foil to the slow

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New Netflix viewing data shows how we stream TV

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Although subscription streaming services have smashed traditional broadcast TV schedules, newly released viewing data from Netflix suggests we’ve formed our own kind of schedule. Netflix is famously cagey with its viewership figures — there’s no need to release ratings, after all — but has released a smidgen of information gathered from 77 million Netflix accounts over the course

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War Machine movie review – long live the middle picture

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Will Netflix single-handedly revive the mid-budget movie? These are the sorts of productions veteran filmmakers such as David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola and John Waters say they can no longer make. Studios nowadays tend to choose between two options: cheap-as-chips flicks that cost a few million dollars, or nine-digit blockbusters usually involving marquee franchises with

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