Best theatre of 2018: Jason Whittaker’s Sydney picks

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From opera to musical theatre and drama classic and contemporary, I’m genre agnostic when it comes to picking the best theatrical experiences of 2018. The standout Sydney stage shows spoke to the moment in distinctive ways, from #metoo to race relations, mental health, environmentalism … and the pitfalls of bricking yourself into a pyramid. In

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In Praise of Andrew McGahan

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Andrew McGahan’s first book, the disturbingly comic Praise, defined him as a Queensland writer, and that stuck. Even though he has written books set in Sydney and Canberra, even though he has lived in Melbourne for decades, the sultry indolence of Brisbane in that Vogel-Award winner back in 1992 perfectly matched the tone and delivery

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The immigration debate that isn’t

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Immigration is what Australia has been built on and there is no indication that it will change soon regardless of recent dog whistling, writes Fotis Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the “fair dinkum” reduction of the migration ceiling from 190,000 permanent migrants to 160,000, last week. This announcement was cynical and far from ‘fair dinkum’,

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Community broadcasting goes global

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Russell Anderson the head of the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council is thrilled about the new role of independent ethnic broadcasting and digital convergence on the even of the 2018 NEMBC Conference. Next weekend, the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council, (NEMBC), is bringing together over a 150 ethnic and multicultural broadcasters at its annual

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Terror, love and the city within

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Terror comes in waves. The first is the bullet, knife or bomb. Then, the maiming or the death. Then there is the grief. The third drops into lives like a large stone dropped into a lake; it radiates out, slams into those directly affected and touches others with fainter ripples. Sometimes, it drowns those over

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The arts funding divide between the haves and have nots is counter-intuitive, poor business and immoral

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Last week I attended the Melbourne chapter of the Australia Council’s national consultation on the strengthening and enhancement of the Major Performing Arts Framework. I came away with a mix of emotions that a week later settled into unease then dread. I’m going to try to unpack that feeling through this essay. I believe the

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