Carmen review (Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour, 2017)

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Director Gale Edwards’ spectacular, smart, and wildly entertaining 2013 staging of Carmen is the first production to be revived for Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. Revisiting the production, it’s clear to see why. Edwards and her team found the perfect balance between spectacle and nuance — and given the scale of the glitzy annual event, that balance

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Kate Miller-Heidke and the Sydney Symphony (Sydney Opera House)

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Watching a symphony orchestra backing a pop singer is often a bit of a strange experience. There’s usually plenty of respect given back and forth between the classically-trained instrumentalists and the singer, despite their very different disciplines, but those musicians don’t exactly grow up dreaming of augmenting pop songs with the occasional orchestral flourish. You can’t help

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Millennials have caught the nostalgia bug early — but who can blame us?

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Last week, former child star Nikki Webster released a new version of her 2001 hit Strawberry Kisses, with proceeds going towards the Starlight Childrens Foundation. This new recording managed to get up to number 7 on the iTunes chart, complete with a novelty rap declaring “2017: Nikki Webster back on the scene”. Just a few days earlier,

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The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’ review (Griffin Theatre, Sydney)

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When Declan Greene’s new play, The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’ premiered in Melbourne last month, it did so in the same week that controversial gay conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos lost his book deal. In Sydney, it opened the day after the Federal Government announced its plans to reform 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, to remove the words “offend, insult,

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Declan Greene: the marriage debate and queer politics in an ‘age of offence’

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Last week, Peter Dutton lashed out at powerful CEOs for throwing their support behind marriage equality, saying they deserved to be “publicly shamed“. Just a few days earlier, marriage equality proponents had done their own bit of public shaming, with a social media-led boycott against Coopers Brewery. Conservatives were quick to criticise the boycott as an affront to free speech. Progressives

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MDLSX review (Carriageworks, Sydney)

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It’s difficult to know where to start when talking about Silvia Calderoni’s solo show, MDLSX. The performance is part rock/punk DJ set, part monologue, part dance/physical theatre, part family home movie show, part autobiography, and part fiction. Calderoni has been performing with the acclaimed and sometimes controversial Italian theatre group Motus for many years, giving her own androgynous takes on Ariel

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Feud review: Lange & Sarandon take on Crawford & Davis

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When Madeleine Albright last year used the phrase, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” to call on women to support Hillary Clinton, she immediately copped a great deal of criticism. Was she telling women to ignore all of the complex political and personal issues at play and simply vote on the

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